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Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

We offer a full range of Restorative Dentistry services.  A comprehensive oral examination may reveal unhealthy tooth structure, breakdown of existing dental restorations and damage caused by missing and poorly positioned teeth.  There are many restorative options available to replace tooth structure lost to decay and fracture, including…

Tooth-coloured Composite Restorations, Fillings, Bonding

Composite filling material is regularly used to restore sections of lost tooth structure.  After decay is removed, composite is applied in a viscous form, cured to a hardened state and carved to blend with the adjacent and opposing teeth.

Porcelain Restorations, Crowns

When a larger section of a tooth is lost, a solid restoration can be constructed to replace the missing piece.  When the majority of a tooth is affected, the ‘crown’ can be replaced in its entirety.  There are many materials and treatment options available, and we will provide the information you need to make your informed decision.

Endodontic (Root Canal) Treatment

When the nerve in a tooth sustains injury or is damaged by dental decay, it may require removal by Endodontic (Root Canal) treatment. Endodontic treatment allows us to save the affected tooth, despite the loss of its vitality. It can also occasionally be employed to manage hypersensitive teeth.

Extraction (Tooth Removal)

Sometimes a tooth sustains damage or injury to the point where it is no longer salvageable. In some cases, such as some wisdom teeth and retained primary teeth, a tooth can be causing issues in other parts of the mouth. When extraction is indicated, the service can usually be performed in our office.

We are able to offer wisdom teeth extraction in our office with Dr. Bill Wickens, who uses IV sedation to help ease the anxiety of this experience.  A referral for consultation will be arranged when the time is right.  

Tooth Replacement

Missing teeth can have a debilitating effect on your self-confidence as well as on the other teeth in your mouth.  Replacement can take several forms.

  • Dental Implants are artificial “roots” that are placed in the spaces left by missing teeth.  They integrate with your bone and then support a variety of tooth replacement options.  Fixed crowns, bridgework, or ‘anchored’ removable dentures (that snap securely into place) can support your other teeth, retain healthy bone and restore your smile and confidence.
  • Fixed bridgework replaces missing teeth by suspending an artificial tooth from crowns on adjacent teeth.  This is an excellent option when the adjacent teeth benefit from restoration as well.
  • Often, Removable Dentures can effectively and comfortably replace any or all missing teeth.   At Liberty Dental, we can construct new dentures or, if  needed, we can repair or reline existing dentures.

The approach our office has to Restorative Dentistry is to maintain as much healthy tooth structure as possible and to restore where required.  We will advise you of all available options and provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision.



At Liberty Dental, if you are nervous or if you had a previous experience that may have caused you anxiety, we help you through the treatment with Oral Sedation, Nitrous Oxide sedation or IV Sedation. The details of what type of sedation you may need to ultimately make your dental experience as relaxing as possible will be decided by you, with your dentist, prior to treatment.