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About Us

About Us

I’m Dr. Karl Vermeulen and on behalf of myself and all of our staff I want to welcome you to Liberty Dental. I was born and raised in this area and have always lived here, enjoying all that this area has to offer.

Liberty Dental

Many years ago I was fortunate to meet Dr. John Balenko who had been practicing his friendly and ever-caring style of dentistry in Bowmanville since 1979. Over the years, we listened to our clients and learned their needs. We eventually joined together to create Liberty Dental.

Our philosophy is to bring the most up-to-date dentistry to our clients, always keeping your best interests as our priority while being mindful of your preconceived fears. I feel strongly that our patients will not be afraid if they know they’ll always be treated with respect and kindness.

We are all very interested in forming lasting relationships with our patients, accommodating busy schedules with extended hours, and being available for prompt emergency care if required.

Call us anytime.

We look forward to seeing you.